While we were preparing our activities for 2019… we made a recap for last year! 2018, was a very successful year for our team, full of challenges and creative projects.

Together with the brands that we collaborated, we managed to attract the student and young audience of Cyprus and strengthen even more our relationship, that we were building the past years. The most important aspect, is that we achieved impressive results for our clients while presenting to our audience useful information, offers and experiences!

Below are our highlights from the 2018 review:

1StudentLife.com.cy is getting bigger and established!

StudentLife.com.cy has already been established as the biggest Cypriot website-community that targets the student and youth audience! With a constant fresh and innovative content like articles, quizzes, contests, videos and with an active presence inside Cyprus’s universities, StudentLife knows how to attract the students and youth audience.

Below are the numbers of StudentLife.com.cy on average per month:

2The birth of Trends.com.cy!

Trends.com.cy has been presented to the market in August 2018 and it has been the evolution of the successful column, StudentLife Trends! With a rich content regarding lifestyle, beauty tips and fashion news, Trends has a constant high engagement!

Moreover, Trends organized for the first time, the Influencer Awards by Trends.com.cy, that you can read more about below.

Below are the numbers of Trends.com.cy on average per month, for its first 6 months of operation:

  • Unique Visitors: 45,000+
  • Sessions: 85,000+
  • Pageviews: 105,000+
  • Male: 10% | Female: 90%
  • Ages: 16-24: 12% | 25-34: 56% | 35-44: 20%
  • Trends.com.cy on Facebook15,900+ fans & 150,000+ people reached
  • Trends.com.cy on Instagram10,000+ followers & 250,000+ impressions

3UniFEST 2018: the most WOW event!

UniFEST 2018 was held for the 2nd consecutive year, with the beginning of the academic year. An event that 2 years ago was just an idea and today is the largest back-to-uni event of Cyprus!

With more than 15 brands, we visited 5 universities in Nicosia, Limassol and Larnaka! More than 10 thousand students attended the event, visited the brand’s booths, participated in contests, won unique prizes and experienced the ultimate university festival of the year!

These are the results when StudentLife collaborates with huge brands like: SHARK Energy, Mix FM, Pizza Hut, TGI Fridays, Burger King, Zorbas, Bionic, Taco Bell, Hellenic Bank, Public, CYTA, Domino’s Pizza, ΑΛΦΑ Beer, PrimeTel, Hard Rock Cafe, Libresse and ONEK! Thank you and we will see you at UniFEST 2019!

4The first Ιnfluencer Αwards by Trends.com.cy!

One more idea that was materialized in 2018! The Trends team, for the first time in Cyprus, organized the Influencer Awards by Trends.com.cy, in in collaboration with Cal Creative Communication!

In 9 categories, the top Influencers of Cyprus were voted by the public and a committee and were awarded in a glamorous night. Presenter of the awards was the famous Greek fashion blogger, Elena Galifa.

More than 8,500 people voted their favorite Influencers. The digital campaign of the awards, had over 200,000 reach with the actual reach being three times larger, considering the virality from the candidates’ accounts and their fans.

The result was a very high engagement with our audience and a large exposure for the sponsors of the night that were: Frederick University, Johnnie Walker, Kronenbourg Blanc, Wellman, Frezyderm, Perfectil, Topshop, Wallis, Dorothy Perkins και Urban Decay. Our supporters were: Shark Energy, MixFm Radio, Coneq, Light in Films, Top Kinisis, Print Factory, Hairspray, Hilton and Metaxas. Thank you!

5We gave an emphasis in Video Content!

Recognizing the dynamic of videos in social media, we enriched our content with videos and youth shows/videos!

Our shows have the advantages of original content! They have authentic and relaxing content and original hosts that our audience feels close and interacts with them. Our videos have a high reach and they are a good opportunity for the brands to come closer to the student and youth audience through native content.

>> “Αξίζει πράγματι” at Studentlife.com.cy

The entertaining show of StudentLife, that Andreas Haris analyzes matters that are important to our audience, with a humorous tone, ambition and a lot of positive energy!

Many times, Andreas goes outside of the studio and portrays many roles, interacts with our audience and conducts different “researches”. Andreas Haris is being highly recognizable from our audience, therefore, his show gets a high reach & engagement. Check his shows here!

>> “Follow the Trends” at Trends.com.cy

The youth show of Trends with Christina Argyrou that revolves around fashion, beauty and lifestyle! Christina is a person with an active presence on Instagram and many young girls relate and interact with her.

Christina loves informing her audience for everything that includes fashion and beauty, but also to try new products & services and answering her fan questions. Check her shows here!

6Our many successful digital campaigns!

For another year, we managed to bring even better results from our clients’ digital campaigns through our close relationship with our audience!

Our summer campaign for SHARK Energy #BOTB, had great results in contest submissions, reach and engagement. Also, our Black Friday Campaign for Bionic Electronics went viral, achieving high awareness and visits at bionic.com.cy.

Moreover, our digital actions during the year for PizzaHut, Burger King, Taco Bell and TGI Fridays, had very good results regarding redeeming of their respective offers. And these were just a few samples!

7StudentLife Academy keeps training young adults!

StudentLife Academy continued with great success to offer the training course in Digital Marketing, that its quality improved greatly as more graduates and companies participate!

In 2 years, StudentLife Academy exceeded 100 graduates, with 100% employment rate!

The Academy is the ideal program for young people that want to start a new career in Digital Marketing, regardless of their studies! Everyone that participates, experiences rigorous training, with personal guidance for the duration of the program, that is 4 months. After the completion of the training, the employment period follows, that places the graduates in job positions.

8StudentLife Jobs receives an upgrade heading into 2019!

The last update for 2018, was the upgrade of StudentLife Jobsjobs.studentlife.com.cy! Jobs is a website of StudentLife that promotes full/part time job positions and internships to university graduates and young adults in Cyprus and abroad!

Beginning this year, organizations and companies will be able to use the paid service of StudentLife Jobs, that guarantees targeted promotion through our young audience and job applications from capable candidates.

With a low cost and with a combination of actions, all job listings are being promoted in an audience of 100,000+ people at ages of 18-34, with the purpose of achieving highest possible results. Our goal is that the young audience will get to know the companies and that we can offer to the companies the best possible candidates to choose from!

9Our new youth insights research for Cyprus university students!

We are constantly trying to understand the student community of Cyprus. Therefore, during 2018, we conducted a research that aims to reveal their preferences, habits and opinions.

600 university students from all Cyprus cities took part and the research is composed of 50 pages and 43 tables!

Inside the research, answers are given about the lifestyle of today’s students, where they spend their money, which social media platforms they use, what are their future goals and many more, helping us to reach important conclusions!

This was just a brief from what we highlighted from 2018! Stay tuned for what is about to come in 2019… or even better “give us a call” and learn our ideas!

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